it’s been a while…

Yes, it has.

I really felt the need to report that today I spent the afternoon with two little girls that go to Cerritos Elementary School.  It is the last day of their spring break and it was a rainy windy day here.  They have spent most of their vacation at the babysitters watching TV and really needed a break.  I couldn’t work in the studio since it was too wet and windy so invited them over for the afternoon.  We had cocoa and read stories, lit the fire for a bit.  Then we decided to paint for a while.  I put out the three primary colors plus black and white on a palette and we learned how to mix green and orange and purple.  We also learned how to darken or shade a color with black.  And how to tint a color with white.

Even I learned something- they told me that black and white mixed together make a color called “jail”.

I think we can all learn something from this.

We need arts education put back into the schools.  And how.  Now.

Meanwhile, the Arts Council of Long Beach is busy planning rock parties, giving awards, and celebrating.


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