prize money-woohoo! but still no art

Long Beach Unified to receive $250,000 in scholarship money from Broad Prize

The article states:

“The $2 million Broad (rhymes with “road”) Prize is an annual award that honors large urban school districts that demonstrate the strongest student achievement and improvement in America while narrowing achievement gaps between income and ethnic groups. The money goes directly to graduating high school seniors for college scholarships: $1 million to students in the winning district and $250,000 to students in each finalist district. The winner was selected by a jury of 10 prominent American leaders
from government, education, business and civic sectors, including two former U.S. secretaries of education from both parties. ”

Now don’t get me wrong, I like money as much as the next guy and agree that it is a fine thing to improve education across all ethnic and socio-economic groups. I guess that I continue to stubbornly believe that testing the daylights out of the kids and teaching to these tests in order to get “good grades” to submit to win these prizes isn’t worth eliminating art in order to win.
That’s just me, though.


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One response to “prize money-woohoo! but still no art

  1. As a retired teacher ( 35 years 1st and 2nd grade) I feel your frustration. I live on an island ( San Juan) in Puget Sound Wa. We had a wonderful art specialist in our Elem school for 16 years. She retired this year and the District eliminated art. No Money and anyways they wanted to use the art classroom for something else.
    Funny that the sports people had a fundraising dinner and raised $60,000 for sports. This is a really strong artistic community. I don’t get it. Where were the parents to support art?
    The Supt. of schools is no help. He is new and says we will just “restructure”. Art will be taught.
    If you find a solution–let me know. This makes me so sad. Janet Wright

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