End of summer…thinking about art

Pinwheels for Peace
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Penny & I are getting together next week to brainstorm again for the upcoming year. We think we are ready and re-charged and looking to make some changes in what we are doing in the 4th grade room this year. We want to get better at this and towards that end we will be making a list of what was most and least successful from previous years. We will look to others who are doing similar work for inspiration- such as Jane LaFazio over at Mundo Lindo and to the folks at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles which has a fabulous outreach program that goes into the schools there (hint, hint Long Beach Museum of Art). It would be great to see the local museums actually going out into the schools in addition to having the students come to them. Sign me up as a volunteer when that happens!
Last year we were able to (by the skin of our teeth!) get the class down to the museum to see one of the exhibits and participate in a workshop on portraits.

So if anyone reading this has any other suggestions of places online that inspire art education in elementary grades, please post the link in the comments.



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2 responses to “End of summer…thinking about art

  1. Hey Glennis! Thanks for the kind words. For the bug drawings, we used oil pastel on black paper. I got a Dover copyright free book of insect images and made copies. The kids chose the bugs they wanted to draw, and were free to change up the colors. It was fun!

  2. thanks Jane!
    this is definitely going on “the list” of possible lessons for this year. i’m also perusing you blog to see what other ideas we can glean from there. i think i’ll add a couple of national geographics i’ve saved that have some fantastic bugs in them. i just LOVE bugs!

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