Practice Looking

sculptures finished
Our student show will hold it’s reception Thursday the 29th of May from 5 PM to 8 PM at the Dana Branch Library at 3680 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach and Penny Voelker (the other half of “we” at EA) has written a statement for the show on behalf of Elementary Art expressing our thoughts on our work this past year in Room 9.

“The pieces in this exhibit are a sampling of the many art projects we have done in Room 9 this year. Our intention has been to try out many different media and topics so that we can better relate to art that we see every day or in special exhibits. We can understand art better if we have tried out a process for ourselves already, like landscape painting or stenciled art. We can understand some of the decisions the artist made to express his piece. Having painted, we also have some feeling for the use of color, and we are more sensitive to how artists use color to make us aware of feelings. We used this experience on our field trip to the Long Beach Art Museum at the portrait exhibit. The process of art appreciation goes on all the time in our lives. We have started to understand some of the questions to ask ourselves.

Practice looking is a good title but we also got practice with lots of other things: practice playing creatively with our materials, practice doing something without worrying about a letter grade, practice seeing possibilities and trying out new things, practice concentrating and giving time to something, practice making things come out right and overcoming problems for ourselves, practice getting things done. Art is not always comfortable or easy, but meeting a challenge is fun.

Making art is also a chance for introspection, even at age 10. We have to confront our selves every time we make art. Questions pop up like this: Why am I bad at this? Will people like this or think I am really stupid? What will happen if this turns out really badly? Why should I do this project anyway, it doesn’t mean anything. Okay, here is what we hope everyone has realized by now. Part one of art is the artist making something that perfectly realizes his intentions, having fun but in a serious way, enjoying the process. Part two of art is someone looking at a piece of art. No one knows what he will
make of it, it’s up to him. So, art is for having fun, for making or seeing things that look good to you. It’s not about you personally. It’s about the artwork.”

We hope you’ll come and enjoy the show! It runs May 29th thru June 5th.

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