possibly the last post….

This is possibly the last post before the year ends as we are busy finishing up the sculptures and getting ready for our exhibit at the local Dana Branch Library. Life dictates that we (who are “we”?) prepare for upcoming proms, concerts, banquets, and graduation in preparation for summer travel and the beginning of college in the fall- all in between working, managing a household, and just life in general.
We will take more photos, and even some audio, to put up here as time allows before the end of summer. Just can’t make promises right now about exactly when that will happen.
So just know that there are 30 incoming 5th graders that have had a year of art in room 9 who are pretty happy about what they learned and what they created this year. We release them to their summer frivolities, travel, and whatever comes next for them with new ideas on how to spend some of their time this summer. Perhaps they might make a little art.


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