second week sculpture progress….

no time to go into much detail so the photos will have to do most of the talking. feel free to ask questions though-

Out in the garden area (it was 95 degrees out on Monday) we found a little shade and the kids came out and applied paper towel strips dunked in plaster to their armatures. I grabbed the camera near the end to get a few photos. It was messy fun and the kids had a great time with the plaster. Some didn’t like getting their hands dirty but most overcame it quickly.

we got through 10 of the 30 kids in an hour and a half- 2 more classes and we’ll have all of them done with this part.

todays work-

Meanwhile, in the classroom the rest of the class was working on handbills for our upcoming show-
They incised foam and printed their images to some preprinted flyers.



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  1. Geez, we work hard, don’t we??? and in 95 degree heat. The plaster sculptures look really cool. And I love how you did the posters for the art show—really great idea.

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