We’ve arrived at the last project of the year in the 4th grade classroom-sculpture. If you’ve been reading this blog since last year this will be familiar as it’s the same project we ended on then. I snapped a few quick pics last week in between helping the kids prepare their armatures for plastering.

wood base, wire coat hanger, and nylon stocking
2 holes were drilled in the wood base (part of my old fencing chopped up) and each end of a cut wire coat hanger were inserted into the holes. the students then could bend and design the wire in any way they liked and pull a nylon stocking over the entire thing.

wood-free/recycled, wire hangers- donated by the dry cleaners, nylon stockings purchased for $10,

pile of sculpture armatures waiting to be plastered……

planning for the art show now entitled: Practice Looking- a year of art in our 4th grade room

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