student shibori

click on each image for a larger view-



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6 responses to “student shibori

  1. beautiful! I’m going to do some shibori with paper towels and liquid watercolors (traci bautista) style, but you’re the REAL pro on this technique.

  2. ignacia

    im studying fashion design and i have to do shibori designs 20 and i have no idea what to do i would love you to tell me how to do it im from chile.

  3. ignacia-
    wow! that’s a big request!
    i feel i would be doing you a great disservice to tell you what and how to do 20 shibori designs for your fashion design class.
    part of the learning process is to research and challenge yourself with the practice of the craft. if you visit my other blog-
    you will find lots of information i think will be helpful. i would also recommend Karren Brito’s blog and her excellent book on the subject.
    feel free to leave any comments and specific questions about shibori on the other blog.
    good luck!

  4. Paola

    hey!! i would like to know how can i make different t-shirts styles with shibori… i really love it… but i don’t know in wich way to put the rubber bands… please help me!!

    • paola-
      I’m sorry but I don’t do t-shirts and rubber bands. If I were you, I’d just start experimenting and go from there. Google tshirts and tie dye and see what comes up! good luck!

  5. Paola

    by the way, those are great!!

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