This past Monday in the 4th grade classroom we gave a lesson on shibori. After a weekend of demonstrating shibori at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo we were well trained!

Here’s Bryce (who’s in the 4th grade class) at the festival with his “hanabi” or fireworks origami. He learned from the master (& inventor) of this design who was demonstrating his origami skills at the festival. Bryce says he’ll teach me to fold this design.


I still had all the supplies in the car and ready to go! We set up the colorhue dyes in the back of the room and had the kids prepare their resists on the silk squares at their desks before coming up to dye. Once they had done one, they were given another square of silk along with another set of resists to prepare before coming back to the table again. Each student was allowed 3 pieces and we rotated all 30 through the dye table 3 times in that hour. Phew!


We’ll be doing textiles all month and will be making handkerchiefs next week. We usually do these and suggest they save theirs to give as a Mother’s Day gift. But some just can’t wait ’till May! We’re also going to make some to sell at our “gallery show” coming up in May.

Speaking of the gallery show, we’ve secured the meeting room at our local library branch (Dana Library). Our show will open on May 29 and run through June 7, 2008. We will have a reception for the artists, friends and families on Thursday May 29, 5:30 – 8:00PM.
Our show will be available for viewing during regular library hours only. Notices will be handed out in class.

ALSO….last night was Open House at the elementary school. We went over and displayed some of the artwork that has been collected so far this year. The kids attended with their parents and it was great fun listening to them describe the process of making some of the projects. The kids really enjoyed telling their parents how the Gyotaku printing was done. The parents were very supportive of what we are doing and we even met another dad who is an artist and wants to volunteer as well.

For anyone who would like to volunteer in the LBUSD schools, it is necessary to become a VIP first.

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3 responses to “Shibori

  1. congrats on organizing the show at the library! Wish I could attend. FYI, at the reception we just had, at the local art association, didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped. A couple of kids got as many as 3 awards and some got none. I didn’t think to coach the judges and remind them these are KIDS and to distribute the awards! Hopefully no one was emotionally scarred for life. Be sure and take photos of the library exhibition!

  2. our show will be just our class and there will be no awards. just an elementary art exploration! (i’m sure they’ll be fine- even good for them to not get an award for everything, and in the end, nothing.)

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