Portraits finished

Today we finished the portraits that were started in the workshop at the Long Beach Museum of Art. The kids wrote a few lines about their piece, or the field trip and gave their portrait a title. We mounted them and hung them in the hall. I think the kids were very satisfied with the outcomes of their pieces. They all enjoyed working with the oil pastels which can give very intense and vivid colors in comparison to crayons which they have used more regularly. A bit messier but worth it. I always enjoy reading what kids write about their art. Often it can be very surprising and enlightening!

some were self portraits and some were portraits of others..
some were realistic, some abstract, and some more cartoon-like

the oil pastels here are very solid and vivid

a more mono chromatic approach- this student must have an older sibling at the local HS- there are Poly High’s
colors and he incised the word poly into the pastels

this was entitled “The Good Field Trip”

They also wrote a brief statement to go with their mono prints from last week. I am mounting them for display as well.
I’ll share a few of them next time.

We are planning on having a gallery show for the students at the local library in June if all goes well. We’ll have an opening and invite the parents, friends and families.

Hope to get a new post up over at Shibori Girl. Working on new things and not enough time for everything!

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5 responses to “Portraits finished

  1. these young artists certainly should be satisfied with the outcome of their artistic efforts. seems to me that most know their subjects past the surface.

  2. great installation! And wonderful for all the kids to see the other’s work.

  3. yes, each portrait holds a story for the artist.
    they look great in the hallway!

  4. they sure do all look wonderful. great work, everyone! beautiful pieces

  5. The portraits are so full of live and color. Wonderful that kids gallery!

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