Museum Trip!

There was a last minute cancellation by another school and we were able to pull together the trip to the Long Beach Museum of Art to see the current show “About Face”, and exhibit featuring portraits by California artists.

we walked about 12 blocks to meet a public bus

we pre-purchased bus tickets to avoid handling money on the bus- .90 each way

The kids really enjoyed the bus ride! It was a bit of a challenge to keep them in line though-
they were just having too much fun!

The other passengers on the bus were surprised to see us get on board with 30 kids but I think they enjoyed
the experience as well!

Off the bus and now a several block walk to the museum.

Yes, we live at the beach here. That is the Queen Mary in the background behind the palm trees.
We were treated with a beautiful day and about 75 degrees.

Established in 1885 with fewer than a dozen students meeting in a borrowed tent, LBUSD now educates nearly 90,000 students in 93 public schools in the cities of Long Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill, and Avalon on Catalina Island. The third largest school district in California, it serves the most diverse large city in the United States, with dozens of different languages spoken by local students. The district employs more than 8,000 people, making it the largest employer in Long Beach. ( but no art program in any of it’s 50 elementary schools)
Here we are in the museum lobby going over rules for visiting a museum.
We knew all the right answers and the docents were surprised at how much our students knew!
They wondered if we had an art program at our school. They told us that most of the other classes they take through
were not as well versed as we were. I guess it must be sinking in.
No photography in the museum but the kids had a great time and enjoyed seeing the artwork up close and personal.

After the exhibit, we were treated to a hands on workshop on portraiture.
Using pastels, we drew a portrait and laid out the basic features.


Coloring in our portraits

Some finished their portraits and some we will finish up on Monday in class.
The bus ride home was equally exciting! I think they liked the bus ride as much as the museum!
All in all- a good day! We arrived back at school in time for lunch, in one piece and all accounted for!

Thank you Long Beach Museum of Art!

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2 responses to “Museum Trip!

  1. Wonderful! A successful day indeed. Congrats on getting 30 kids, 12 blocks, a bus ride and more blocks, not once but twice! Sound like a proud moment too, when they impressed the museum people. Love their portraits!

  2. thanks jane-
    it really did feel like we accomplished something here!

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