Mundo Lindo- beautiful world

Jane LaFazio in San Diego creates and teaches art to children through her program Mundo Lindo, free weekly 2-hour creative classes for fourth and fifth grade children in the low-income population of Escondido.

Her blog details the weekly classes and is an inspiration to me as she is also a full time artist in the textile fiber world. Go look at some of the things she is doing with kids and then jump to her personal website and blog for a peek at her own work. I came across her through the newly formed yahoo group for online teachers (sorry-invites only) but she also teaches online classes.

Well today is an exciting day here! We just found out we can take the kids to the museum! The bad news is that it’s THIS Friday! So we’re scrambling to get everything in order. The museum had a cancellation and we need to get the MTA stuff together for the ride on the public bus. Should be fun.

Yesterday was Monday and we did more printmaking. This time we did monoprints by floating oil based inks on water and printing onto heavy watercolor paper. The kids thought it was magic. While waiting their turn with me at the back table, Penny kept them busy making monoprints at their desks. We taped an overhead projector sheet to a piece of newspaper and had them paint onto it using tempera paints. They then pulled several prints from the design and kept repeating until the class ended.










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4 responses to “Mundo Lindo- beautiful world

  1. some great result and i see some blue hands there.

  2. yea- they can’t resist painting their hands!

  3. Hey, thanks VERY much for the nice plug for my program!! The mono-prints and marbling look great. And a museum field trip! I look forward to the pics and hearing what you do. Hope the bus ride is NOT the most exciting part. 🙂

  4. Jane-
    You KNOW it WAS!! Ha ha….we must be crazy!

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