Paying it forward…

Today is pay it forward day (among other things like preparing an indigo vat and starting in on the taxes) so Emily, Anna, Kristen, Juanita, & Maura are being sent a little something as a reminder of being part of the community of artists teaching art. I won’t say what it is- that would spoil the surprise!!



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2 responses to “Paying it forward…

  1. Hi Glennis,
    I’m looking forward to receiving the surprise your are sending off! Thank you. Today I posted about what I’ve been doing in my daughter’s first grade classroom here:

  2. Hi Glennis, I gather from your comment on my blog today that you can’t view the Pay it Forward slide show there. What browser are you using? You can also see the photos on my flickr account here. The photos are all tagged “PIF”. I received your parcel in the mail last week. Thanks so much! How did you know that I needed a calendar!? As you know I love your shibori photos. You couldn’t have sent a nicer gift.

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