classroom is dark today-MLK holiday

Just as well as I am recovering from 5 days at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show.
John Nava, Lizzie Cornwell, 2003,
Oil on canvas,48″ x 44″
Collection of the Museum of Ventura County,
Bonita McFarland Trust

There is an update however. Penny went to see a great little portrait show at the Long Beach Museum of Art and it looks like a good match for our field trip. Since we have no money or budget for elementary art in the LBUSD it is a nearby museum we can reach by public transportation (otherwise, it would cost us around $800 to hire a district bus).
We’ll rally a few parents to help chaperon the kids and perhaps have a bag lunch by the ocean. The teacher generously offers us use of the $100 she gets from the PTA, so I think we’ll use it for bus fare if she approves. The exhibit is small enough not to overwhelm and interesting enough to keep their attention with subject matter they can relate to. The museum also offered to cover a couple of the nude portraits so we don’t get sued or hauled off to jail for corrupting the kids. Not that there will be anything they haven’t seen on the TV these days..(thank you brittany spears, tmz, billboards on the 405 advertising breast enhancement, et al) I wonder what other schools who still take kids to art museums do about this.
The museum also has an upcoming portrait workshop (free) for kids that some may want to attend with their families. I’ll be marking my calendar and available to chaperon if some kids from the class want to attend and their parents can’t make it.

Children’s Portrait Workshop
February 3, 2008
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Boeing Classroom in the Miller Education Center

Children, ages 6 to 14, learn the tradition of portraiture during this FREE workshop taught by Los Angeles artist Dan McCleary. Participants will learn how to sketch facial features and capture the likeness of their subject. Supplies will be provided. Drop in anytime during the workshop. Adult chaperones must remain on the LBMA campus while children are in the class.


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