facing technology in the 4th grade classroom

Well it seemed like a good idea……….
After our photography presentation last week we had asked the students to take a photo with a digital camera and email it to
the teacher. Most kids said they would be able to do this with the help of a parent or sibling. The few that didn’t think they would be able to were going to have access to a camera brought in by the teacher that week.

We also visited the computer lab and found the cameras that were available. They were so old and incompatible with the computers now installed in the lab that we gave up on that idea. Instead we spoke with the computer lab specialist and wondered if we could bring the class into the lab to work with some digital images. They have recently outfitted the lab with all new Dell computers running windows professional. Great! Only one problem…..the lab tech didn’t know if they had a photo imaging program and didn’t know how to find one if it existed. She was going to check it out and get back to us………..

As it turned out, only one student out of the 30 had emailed a photo. A couple of the kids brought in prints and we were able to talk about those. Listening to the kids, there were all kinds of obstacles- from computers not working,couldn’t find the right camera cable, the camera battery was dead, not knowing how to email a photo and more. It was just beyond their capability- much to their own surprise I think.
I had received a heads up from the teacher via email the night before so Penny & I scrambled to put together a substitute
lesson. I collected all kinds of scraps and collage materials and we spent the last 1/2 of the class making collage art/ valentine cards.
It was fun to watch the kids use the materials in all different ways…

DSC_1097.JPG DSC_1096.JPG

a little paper, glue, ribbon,fabric,wool roving, yo yos and more…….note the origami

on to next week-


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