January is Photography month


In a little bit of New Year’s organizing, I finally found the yearly outline for art in the fourth grade classroom Penny & I had created back in September. We’ve been winging it based on our combined memories of what we had planned back then and I’m happy to report that we still have most of our marbles (they do say two minds are better than one!).
So, January is photography month. This past weekend as I was pondering what in the world we should start with I came across this site which offered some help and organization to many of the thoughts I was having. These days kids are bombarded with so many graphic media images I think it is wise to educate them early on just how these images are created and how they are used in their everyday lives. We only have 3 Mondays to work with so the challenge will be to teach them something that will make sense even if we only get to the tip of the photography iceberg. We have been told that there are some digital cameras somewhere at the school that we might be able to use so first order of biz today is to locate these mystical, magical devices and see what shape they are in! In the meantime, today will mostly center around a discussion and we’ll get out the viewfinders Penny & I have made from black construction paper and wander around the room a bit looking through them to understand the difference between wide angle and zoom as well as some thoughts on composition. I also have some photographs from magazines as well as some examples of David Hockney’s work and a few Ansel Adams prints laying around the house. Wonder what Penny will bring?

Then on to shibori in the afternoon (yes I know I haven’t posted there in a month! I’m getting to it- really! So much going on..)


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