snow day

Here in So Cal we don’t get snow days so we decided to have one of our own making on this Monday in the 4th grade classroom.
We started out by looking over and talking about some of the landscapes that were painted last week as well as the painting project from the week before. We like to review what we did and give the kids a chance to tell us what they learned, what they liked and what they didn’t like about the lessons we are presenting. One of the room parents took the painting projects and put them through the laminating machine and now they can be used as placemats.
Penny brought in a book on snowflakes and showed the class how they were all different and each snowflake’s water molecules form ice crystals into a hexagonal lattice shape.
First, we showed them how to fold the paper and then explained how to cut the paper, being careful not to cut all the way across. After the first one, they got a bit more experimental and started to really have fun with it. You can see a few more photos here.
We also got them thinking on how to display the snowflakes. After a brief discussion, we agreed to laminate them and cut them out in circles, string them up with transparent line and hang them over their heads in the classroom from the ceiling at varying heights, leaving them free to twist and turn . Kind of like their own personal blizzard. We have about 75 or so to hang. Can’t wait to see the “installation”!



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3 responses to “snow day

  1. for a minute i read that as 750 and i was imagining a blizzard. this is great, i love the sawtooth one.

  2. so glad this blog was started!
    i would first have to get my kids imagining the whole idea of snow. we did study about the himalayas recently so could do these snowflakes as a follow-up. thank you! thank you! i know i am going to visit here often

  3. thanks…..i have some very “what if” ideas in my head about possibilities for elementary art….i’d love to see anyone with an interest posting links of what they may be doing along these lines….

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