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Just another Monday in the 4th grade classroom

I finally decided to move the Mondays in the 4th grade classroom posts to a separate blog. If jude can do it, well maybe I can too. We’ll see!
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So, with that out of the way, yesterday was Monday and we finished up our month devoted to painting. We focused on landscapes and the concept of background, middle ground, and foreground. We looked at examples of artwork and identified the different areas. We discussed how the artist showed us what was in the back, middle, and foregrounds of each artwork-by using colors-cool and warm, by showing us differences in the sizes of objects and people, or by adding details to certain areas.

They started out by dividing their paper in 3 sections-background, middle ground, and foreground with black crayon and then added details. They painted with tempera paints and were asked to completely fill the space on their papers. They were given the 3 primary colors and a mixing plate. 32 kids, 50 minutes.



I’ll take a few more photos of the finished paintings next week to post in the photo section. The kids learned a lot about placement within their paintings. I saw giant ants in the foreground of one landscape and in another one the underground roots from the plants in the middle ground were blown up and detailed in the foreground.
Experimentation, exploration…..yes!

Next week we start a month of 2 & 3-D papercraft.


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